Wednesday, November 4, 2009

.you've been tagged.

i've been tagged and so have you. over at miss elsiecakes is a little game that i usually don't give in to but some how in the last few weeks i have really enjoyed things like this. weird. anyways here goes:

1. where is your cell phone? right next to me on the table..waiting for important text messages (not really)

2. Your Hair? as you can see my hair gets curly and slightly out of control but for some reason i believe the bigger my hair is the more pretty i feel. 3. Your Mother? momma is someone who tends to be a grown up me. we enjoy almost everything the same and she is ready to take care of me at anytime. whenever i need her. isn't she beautiful?

4. Your Father? my daddy is the most amazing man in the world. he holds a huge spot in my heart. plus i look like him and he's super duper handsome!

5. Your Favorite Food? i will have to say spaghetti is my ultimate favorite. but any kind of mexican food comes in close 2nd.
6. Your Dream from last night? have no idea...probably about crafting. i've been dreaming about that a lot lately.
7. Your Favorite Drink? DIET COKE! i crave this stuff on a regular basis but starting Nov. 1st i have decided not to drink it anymore and try and stick to the water. BLAH!
8. Your Dream/Goal? my dream is to be in ITALY! my goal is to live in ITALY! i'm saving up my money to move there when i'm 30. i have 5 yrs to save all that i can and attempt to live the italian life. this is something i've wanted to do for awhile so crossing my fingers.
9. What room your in? currently i'm in the Pittsburg State University library. i have yet to get internet hooked up at my house so i'm "stealing" their wi-fi. its free so i don't feel to bad.
10. What's your Hobby? i really don't have a set hobby but i love to be involved in photography projects, scrapbooking and recently finger knitting and granny squares.
11. What's your Fear? tornados...enough said
12. Where were you Last night? i was in my bed trying to get better. had a few days of feeling sick.
13. Something your NOT? in a relationship.
14. Muffins? blueberry is my favorite...the soft kind
15. Wish List Items? i only have 1 item. its a big one. always wanting a 1955 Porsche Spyder 550. its the same car James Dean had. the one that took his life.
16. Where did you Grow up? a small town with the name of Pleasanton, KS.
17. Last thing you did? nothing to and the dr.
18. What are you Wearing? orange long sleeve shirt, pink sleeveless cardigan, olive tights, tan boots...the normal random outfit. its helps that i don't care and i'm eclectic.
19. Your TV? i don't have one. well i do but no cable or anything.
20. Your Pets? i don't have one of those either. but i do wish to have a bull mastif. my favorite dog by far. they are huge and i love that. the puppies are adorable.
21. Your Friends? are ready to be there for me whenever i need.
22. Your Life? complicated
23. Your Mood? as of right now i'm good. just a little tired of people not calling me back but i'll get over it.
24. Missing Someone? this face. miss you mct.
25. Vehicle? a ford contour. i need a new car desperately...i hate my car
26. Something your NOT wearing? my dog tags that belong to MCT.
27. Your Favorite Store? hands down RED VELVET ART!
28. Your Favorite Color? BLACK
29. Last time you Laughed? today. michelle makes me laugh
30. Last time you Cried? i technically wasn't crying but at the dr. yesterday when the lady shoved the swab up my nose and down my throat. instantly brought tears to my eyes.
31. Your Bestfriend? one word...mrrrrrrrr 32. one Place u go OVER and OVER? work...and i'm ready to be done with it for like a month then maybe go back and have a better attitude.
33. one Person who emails me regularly? i don't get many emails but janel has been in my inbox lately...
34. Favorite place to EAT? i love the MALL DELI. best place to eat in Pittsburg.
35. Where do you Want to be in 6 yrs? if my plans treat me good i will be in ITALY. but if that doesn't scared as i am to say this. i might want a husband and kids. probably not but just maybe. if the boy realizes he loves me too.
xoxox angela

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  1. I really enjoyed this post! Your number five is me dead on! I LOVE love love it! And mexican..yummy! Anytime we eat out I always want mexican! : )