Sunday, November 1, 2009

.5 Obsessions of late.

my lovely friend janel tagged me in the 5 obsessions of late. it took me awhile to post this but i finally got around to it. i'm suppose to tag 5 friends but since i don't have any followers i will do it for myself. so here it goes:
***childrens rooms. i have a few friends that are expanding their families and it gets me in the mood to want to decorate for a small child. its all the little stuff that makes me smile. the small clothes and the little toys. i love the vintage feel of blue and green for the boys and the granny chic of yellows and pinks for girls. it makes me so excited to be apart of these little ones lives.

***my love for autumn journals. autumn is my favorite and i just love the thought of putting together a little journal full of inspiration. whether its the colors or the feel of warmth. maybe the fashion ideas or even fun photos. i love autumn!

***snail mail. i just love getting mail. recently i have been getting tons of mail from my sweet blog friends and it makes me so happy. there is just something about handling a piece of mail that someone has put time and effort to send you. something they know you will enjoy and can keep forever. thanks friends.

***mix tapes. OMG! as in the words of Jacksmannequin. "this is my mix tape for her...its like i wrote..every note...with my own fingers." joining different lyrics and music together to make a mix tape is so much fun. it can bring all kinds of elements together. WOwZa!

***BATMAN! this obsession has actually been one of mine for awhile now. i love the first batman movie and i love the design. by far this is my favorite super hero. i wish so bad to have my own batman to love and adore. "to the BATcave"

thanks janel for the tag. this was a fun idea. and for those if any are reading this, hope you love my 5 obsessions of late.
xoxox angela

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  1. cuuute!
    i'm considering myself tagged!
    this is tomorrow project for sure!
    thanks lady!