Thursday, December 17, 2009


Happy Mail has arrived...this week i came home to a package at the door and 2 in the mail box. this week as been horrible and these packages totally made my day. i'm so thankful to have the blog friends that i do and the chance to make more through jamieand her happy mail love.
*doesn't this box scream happiness?*

my bestie janelsent me this wonderful christmas card. it went up right away. <3

*really? snow and a tree in these little bitty pots. i cant wait to help them grow

can't wait to have more come in the mail....
send me some love girly girls!

xoxox ang

Sunday, December 13, 2009

IF it's more than $5 you don't NEED it.

This weekend mom and i went on a flea/thrifting adventure. i decided to go with my new motto "if its more than $5 you don't need it". i put it to the test and i walked away with about 7 bags full. WOWZA! i didn't spend more than 4.95 on anything. it was so much fun. we had lunch at Chipotle and then we headed home to rummage through our goodies.

.this is my new flight bag. IN LOVE!.

.just a preview of my new goodies.

.mom has so many cute things around the yard, i love it all. she got this wonderful red bike for free. i want it so bad.

hope your weekend was as fun as mine.
happy thrifting for everyone.

xox angela

Thursday, December 10, 2009

.the crochet project?.

for someone who doesn't know any stitches and doesn't really know how to crochet at all. i'm pretty proud of myself. all i did was start with the simple single stitch and away i went. the photos don't really show how bright pink that yarn is, but belive me its bright. my lighting in the house sucks. sorry. i just added some vintage lace i had and a cute button. its now a neckwarmer/scarf. can't wait to make some more. yay me!

this is the start of something in my bathroom. i never really have had anything goin on in there decor wise and so i think i'm goin to start with a collection of random stuff. my starting point was this wonderful screen print that my friend nicole gave me this past weekend and i love it. thanks bunches!

working on more as i type this. gotta get back to the goodie yarn.

<3 angela

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

.tinsel love.

while in springfield i picked up some lovely tinsel at one of the flea markets. i soon realized i need to make a tinsel wreath. i've been wanting to make a pretty wreath to be hung up all year round and i think this is goin to make the perfect one. just a little hot glue and some tinsel and away i went.

im really loving it but i feel its missing something. i'm goin for the nautical theme i think. thats what my living room is and i'm hoping to hang this in there.

any ideas? if so please comment.
<3 angela

Monday, December 7, 2009


All i can say is WOO HOO! i had a blast this weekend with all my new friends. i'm so excited that i had this chance to spend with them. i for sure didn't want the weekend to end so quickly. another trip has got to be in the works. we need to spend some more time together soon.
i didn't get many pictures taken for some reason but the few i did i'm happy with. i got to get one of baby ruby. love her already. visting RVA was fun and very sparkly. crafting time with the girls. thrifting was well worth it. i only spent $28.00 and walked away with 5 bag fulls. SCORE! jamie's idea of making huge polariods was so fun. can't wait to make some for myself and have mini shoots with them. eeek! so here are my weekend in pictures. love you girls!

again i had a blast and i love all you girls. thanks janel,kat,rachel,mandy,jamie,talisha,jen,elsie,erin,nicole.

love you

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Super Saturday!

Spending the weekend with some of the best blog friends. Took a trip to RVA, did some thrifting, caramel apple spice cider, Big Mommas, hotel room crafting. Enjoying the time to get to know each one of these girls!
*On to Super Saturday! This week all the crafting has brought out the kid in me and i keep thinking about going to the park and swinging on the swing set. so this weeks post is geared to how much fun swing sets can be. ENJOY!

What is your favorite park equipment?
xoxox angela

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Goals

a lot has been going on in my life so i'm trying to make my december goals short and simple. i really haven't been in the mood to do anything exciting so i'm hoping in the near future some blog friends will help lighten the mood.

1. continue to work on my December Daily album
2. have a fun holiday photo shoot with the 2nd round of red hair
3. send out Christmas cards to all my friends and family
4. work on the house (still so much to accomplish)
5. attempt to find a good journal that i will dedicate myself to working in
6. spend as much time with those around me that love me as much as i love them
7. visit with jax, shelli, ike, heather, jake, antonio, ali, misty, and michelle
8. continue SUPER SATURDAY posts
9. tell my family how much they mean to me
10. make the perfect Christmas presents

wish my luck with these goals..they aren't too hard but sometimes life gets in the way.
getting excited for this weekend. leaving friday for a great getaway with janel

xoxo angela