Thursday, November 5, 2009


i wrote out a list of november goals and i realize a lot of them are handmade inspired. that makes me so excited. i really want to work crafty ideas and handmade items into my daily schedule, something about making makes me happy.
1. start a granny square afghan
2. work on and finish my december daily album
3. read the 4th installment of the Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn
4. start and finish my RVA Nerd Party mini
5. change up my inspiration colors
6. clean and organize my craft/spare bedroom
7. continue with wardrobe remix. love mixin and matchin
8. work on Autumn <3 Journal
9. make plans with ike...miss him so much
10. go thrifting and hit up the flea markets
11. continue with the soda pop free days
12. send out tons of HAPPY MAIL!
13. maybe a give-away?
14. reach 15 followers
15. get internet hooked up at my house
16. dye my hair...PUMPKIN
17. work at ali' opening in the near future...fingers crossed
18. add money to the italy fund...
19. update my playlists...need new music to be inspired by
20. just be happy

***i will be back December 1st with this list...hopefully i will have a ton listed in BOLD (means i finished them YAY!)***


1 comment:

  1. hey pretty!!
    Great goals :) Thank you sooo much for my Happy Mail today. Things have been so crazy with Adam and I definitely needed some happiness <3 I love you bestie!!!