Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Goals

a lot has been going on in my life so i'm trying to make my december goals short and simple. i really haven't been in the mood to do anything exciting so i'm hoping in the near future some blog friends will help lighten the mood.

1. continue to work on my December Daily album
2. have a fun holiday photo shoot with the 2nd round of red hair
3. send out Christmas cards to all my friends and family
4. work on the house (still so much to accomplish)
5. attempt to find a good journal that i will dedicate myself to working in
6. spend as much time with those around me that love me as much as i love them
7. visit with jax, shelli, ike, heather, jake, antonio, ali, misty, and michelle
8. continue SUPER SATURDAY posts
9. tell my family how much they mean to me
10. make the perfect Christmas presents

wish my luck with these goals..they aren't too hard but sometimes life gets in the way.
getting excited for this weekend. leaving friday for a great getaway with janel

xoxo angela

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