Thursday, December 17, 2009


Happy Mail has arrived...this week i came home to a package at the door and 2 in the mail box. this week as been horrible and these packages totally made my day. i'm so thankful to have the blog friends that i do and the chance to make more through jamieand her happy mail love.
*doesn't this box scream happiness?*

my bestie janelsent me this wonderful christmas card. it went up right away. <3

*really? snow and a tree in these little bitty pots. i cant wait to help them grow

can't wait to have more come in the mail....
send me some love girly girls!

xoxox ang


  1. awwwww..yay for happy mail!!

  2. omg. I got a sweet little package in the mail today. :) Thank you thank you thank you. I will blog about it soon with pictures!!!

    <3 B

  3. *hint* you have more happy mail coming to you!