Tuesday, April 27, 2010

back to school again!

i signed up for rachel and elsie's "tell your story" art journaling class and so far i'm so extremely excited. ive always wanted to get into art journaling but have never really got the hang of it. i'm hoping this class shows me all the things i knew about myself and some things i didn't. i'm ready to open up a world of possiblities.
my cover:
the bonus pages to introduce ourselves:
day 1 a new season:

i can't wait to continue working on my journal everyday. this is goin to be such a fun 6 weeks.
anyone else taking this class...if so i would love to see your pages



  1. I love seeing everyones pages i am not taking the class but i wish i was but i am doing some on my own. Great job I can't wait to see the rest :D


  2. very cute and neat so excited about the journey

  3. beautiful so far! i hope you continue sharing them :)
    (i'm not in the class either...)

  4. Heeeeey girl! You commenting on my blog reminded me of something! I had this post bookmarked in my Google Reader since you made it and I have been MEANING to come by and say that your art journal pages are SO inspiring! <3 I have it bookmarked and I fully intend to snag some of those images for my inspiration folder!