Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My 1st GIVEAWAY!!!!!

It's that time and I wanna THANK everyone for following my little blog life.
As promised I will be having my 1st GIVEAWAY for reaching 25 followers. YAY!
Its a small goal but it makes me HAPPY!

I will draw a winner this Sunday April 4th.
So just comment your favorite Easter tradition and I will send out
your goodies in the next week or so!
Once again...THANKS friends!



  1. oh myyyy! Too many favorite traditions! I think one of mine is that my dad always gives us lottery tickets on Easter in our goody baskets. Just something fun. :)

    you're so cute!

  2. Our annual Easter egg hunt I love seeing all the kids running around lol

    Congrats on 25 :D


  3. Yay! Congrats on the 25+ followers!!! I have always loved easter egg hunts! I always had such a blast and now I LOVE helping my dad set up one for my little brother and sister! : )

  4. eeee! congrats! my fave easter tradition is dying the eggs. it's so fun!!

    xo tiffany

  5. my fave easter tradition is the egg hunt. from that point that my brother and sister and i were too old to do it in the living room, my mom has organized a night one - eggs in the woods with flashlights. it's the best!

  6. Def has to be dyeing eggs with my little sister, except now we're 21 and 17, oh well, i still wanna do it this year. :)

    Congrats on 25!

  7. Congrats on reaching 25 sweetie!!
    My favorite Easter tradition has to be getting a new Easter dress. hehe

  8. Just stumbled upon your blog today...and was excited to find that I was just in time for a giveaway! :D haha
    Big congrats on reaching (over) 25 followers! :)

    My fave tradition is, agreeing with Jen, getting a new dress! Love it! :D

    xo! Ashley

  9. dude! my family is sooooo bad about having traditions!! We have none :(
    When I was little we always had easter egg hunts with our family??
    Now I take Catalina to a dog easter egg hunt called the easter beg hunt :) Does that count??

  10. i love making the kidds thier easter baskets! i usually do it a week b/4 b/c i get SO excited over it! than i usually eat all thier candy and have to go and buy more! hahahahaaaa

  11. eater egg hunts with my whole church!

  12. janel lies, we always did a scavenger hunt for our baskets. that is my fav. i did it for matt this year, hopefully he gets the clue and does it for me tomorrow. i know this is a day late, but i wanted to share!! can't wait to see you this weekend!