Friday, September 25, 2009


i have been browsing wardrobe_remix on flickr for awhile now and it amazes me how unique and creative these people are. its not full of models or runway fashion, its real people wearing what they feel comfortable in and displaying some awesome DIY street fashion. so today i have decided to take on the job of wardrobe_remix also. joined the flickr group and already am planning new fashion in my head. really actually excited to do something like this. elsie of RVA recently started posting remix' and i love her style so much. thanks elsie for putting me in the remix mood.

Jeans: TJ MAXX
Flip-Flops: Old Navy

have a good remixin' day! join in on the fun...
xoxo angela

Sunday, September 13, 2009


GAME DAY BABY! Pitt State University played at Arrowhead Stadium in KC MO saturday and we were there to tailgate the day away. Heather, Ali, and I all headed to the game around 2p.m. and started our grill to cook us up some hot dogs...needless to say somehow the grill didn't work as planned but the hotdogs did get a little warm...we ate them anyway. Our boys didn't end up winning but thats ok. We had a blast hanging out and enjoying the nice weather..i love these two girls..

i bought these red coozies at hobby lobby. our school colors are crimson and gold so i thought what better way to be supportive then to write Pitt State on one side and our names and date on the other. i always try to incorporate some kind of craftiness into my day!

Our boys playing the field

have a good week and hope your weekend was just as fun!

xoxo ang

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Red Velvet Art was hosting a NERD Party! Elsie and Rachel had the place so warm and cozy, ready for a night full of fun. The store was redone with a feel of autumn and friendship. Elsie had a make and take of pipe cleaner glasses and wonderful snacks to munch on. New paintings were in the shop and tons of other goodies. I couldn't wait to snatch up a handful of things to buy.

Here are some wonderful fotos of the night:

Ruby had to make an appearance

my new special blog friend janel <3

Ooh I wanna take you down to Kokomo
We'll get there fast.....And then well take it slow.
That's where we wanna go........Way down to Kokomo
The Beach Boys came to Oklahoma to Downstream Casino and us Dillons Pharmacy girls were right there to get in on the action. Misty has never been to a concert in her life so this was the perfect one to be her first..nothing better than the classics. I think we had a way better time then any of us had imagined. Something about the California surf vibe was so unexpected and well worth the sunburn i happened to aquire glad Linda, Misty, Shelli, and I decided to go.

just relaxin, enjoyin the sun

thanks girl for such an amazing day of last summer fun!
~needless to say my labor day weekend was definitly full of fun and enjoyment among meeting new friends and spending time with the old too.. hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.