Saturday, March 13, 2010

i want to learn from you

i've been dreaming of vintage dresses and mismatched clothing for weeks now. i want to rework/remix thriftstore finds. i want to create a whole line of just my style and make it work. i want to take a step out of the normal and actually feel comfortable being ME. these lovely girls are pushing me to that dream and i'm so excited to start the spring off with a wonderful start.

first its this lovely girl over at idee geniale her style is so beautiful and she pairs the prettiest stuff with almost a gentleman feel. she is also part of a group of girls that share clothes and make that item their own. such a wonderful idea.

second is a girl a lot of people admire. she is vintage beautiful and i wish to be like her. miss amanda. everything from gloves to hats and killer coats. *swoon*

last but not least is a finnish girl in love with a bear.milla. her woodish style and simple life make such a pretty wardrobe. she's not afraid to layer mismatched clothes and they look adorable on her. she makes me want to run off to the woods and live creativly.

who do you want to learn from?

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  1. I agree with you, these girls are lovely! Definitely dress for you! Go with your heart and what makes YOU happy! : )